Benedict (The Princes of love), daddy single : break-up with her beautiful

Laughter to tears… Benedict, candidate atypical of the Princes of love (W9) in 2017, announces the sad news on Instagram. The father of an adorable little girl named Lyanna, it seemed to spin the perfect love with his beautiful and unobtrusive Noémie. Thursday, July 9, 2020, he said he was now single…

In the story on the social network for sharing images, Benedict has given to the game of questions and answers with subscribers. Very quickly asked about a possible breakup with his girlfriend, the former candidate of the program of dating is in a first time just reply with an ellipsis. And then, when asked about programs they would like to do, the former sidekick to Elsa Dasc, Adrien Laurent, Astrid Nelsia or Zaven said he was interested in the idea of integrating the casting Marseille vs. the Rest of The world, program of battle between candidates from the South of France and elsewhere, or The Villa of broken hearts… where the participants are in search of the soul sister. But why Benedict would he participate if he is in a relationship with Noémie ? This is the question that is asked of a user, and to which the dad replied. “Perhaps because I am no longer with”, he blurted out, confirming the break.

A separation surprise to the couple who appeared happier than ever as it was a week. On June 27, 2020, always on Instagram, Benedict shared an adorable photo of his beautiful, wearing in a sling their little Lyanna, which will celebrate its first anniversary next September 24. “This is for me, my reason to live ! Without it I am nothing… It is all my life ! I’ll fight till my death for it to be happy… Noémie and Lyanna,” he wrote.

But a few days later, Benedict published a message more enigmatic : “Bob Marley has said one day : You’re not may not be her first, her last, or her only… She loved before she may love again… But if she loves you now, what is-what else ? It is not perfect, but neither have you ! And you may not be perfect all the time together but if she can make you laugh, love it ! Because if you think about it twice, and admit that you may have make a mistake… tell him… Hang on to it and give him all you can ! Don’t wrong, do not change, do not analyze too much and does not expect more than what she can give you. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and tell him when you lack, when she is not there. Love with all your being when you get love because it is rare, love it ! There are no perfect girls, but there will always be a girl who is perfect for you and this is it !'” From its side, the beautiful Noémie is chosen to have a private account and, therefore, has not reacted publicly.