Benjamin Biolay fiance Chiara Mastroianni : his request… after 3 days

Benjamin Biolay has piqued the cup of Nekfeu (a fake blond stylish) for her grand return, with the release of their album Grand Prix. This is to promote the French singer is working to make the media tower. After telling his life unsuspected in Argentina and revealed the existence of his daughter, he comes to explain to HER that it was at the time engaged to Chiara Mastroianni in just a few days…

Questioned about the presence of the voice of the French actress on the album, Benjamin Biolay explains that Chiara is “the only simple relationship in my complicated life”. “I had always said that I would get married ever, I thought it was bogus, and then we knew each other for three days we had to ask in marriage at the same time, it is not a coincidence,” says he.

Even if they were divorced there are more than ten years, Benjamin Biolay and Chiara Mastroianni are inseparable. “We’re living together, it doesn’t change the feelings. Chiara, his son that I have known tiny, this is my family,” says the artist. Of this family, he’s keeping especially strong links with Catherine Deneuve, his former mother-in-law. “Catherine Deneuve, this is not a mom because I have one, but it is hyper important in my life. Catherine, this is the only adult that I frequent !”, he explains.

In IT, Benjamin Biolay admit to having been left several times. Sentences of the heart which would be one of the main themes of Great Price. “To be left, when it happens too often, it hurts. There is not a lot of women to tolerate my world of life. I’m the father, the lion’s share of my private life passes by. After, in the time I have little, I do not know to delegate, I worked a lot in a business, which is a hell of a lot more dangerous than we think”, he laments.

Find the interview of Benjamin Biolay in full in the latest issue of ELLE, published on 26 June 2020.