Benjamin Samat transformed physically : photo before and after to prove it

Candidate became a fixture of the family of Marseille, Benjamin Samat is without a doubt one of the favorites of the team of the famous fratés. His physical dream is definitely not for nothing. Addicted to the sport and very conscientious of her image, the young man spends his days to stay in shape. His page on Instagram is full also of pictures of him shirtless to reveal his abs protruding.

But to obtain such a result, it is important to know that Benji has made a long-term job. While he was promoting an application used to provide daily goals in the field of fitness on Tuesday, 30 June 2020, it has proved its effectiveness in revealing a before-after-impressive, to find in our slideshow. “It’s amazing, the evolution of some people when you are regular and you use Fitaya, you must be results,” he says in his story. Although he did not need to lose weight, the application gave the results desired. And in just one month, Benjamin would, therefore, have managed to sculpt a whole body in muscle. In addition to the pub, Benjamin explains to be involved in the evolution of the concept. “We’re working hard to bring you new features. Already, we are in the process of validating all the videos that we shot in early may that will not be long to happen,” he promises, looking forward.

If the candidate of tele-reality is, therefore, very satisfied with this app, what are his followers who are enjoying the most with eyes wander over his profile. “What is it, this bomb“, “What amazing body”, “I arrived in Marseille right now !”, “I love you”, writing to him regularly his biggest fans in the comments of his publications.

These must all be delighted that Benjamin has a heart to take. In fact, since his last film at the end of the year 2019, it is separated from Alix, with whom he lived a relationship passionate for one year. Back to shooting for The Marseille VS the Rest of The world, it is possible, however, that he finds love soon…