Benji & Faith dissolve, but only for the moment: in what sense?

In the excitement of the news of the dissolution of Benji & Faith, one of the pop phenomenon, the larger of the Country in recent years, we have lost a few in particular. Benjamin Mascolo and Federico Rossi, in fact, melt, but “for the moment”, as if the division already is not definitive: “The 3rd of may at the Arena of Verona will be by the time the last time Benji & Faith perform together” the attack of the note printing, which warns you that the couple will be the last concert which will celebrate these 5 years of recording career, and ten years from when you are found on Facebook and have given life to the project, born with cover on Youtube.

The details in their next book

The two, then explain why you made this choice , and are launching their book “Naked”, where you can find more details, a book in which they say “we’ll tell you all the behind the scenes of our life in these years, and why we decided that, for now, the Arena of Verona will be our last concert”. For now. In short, the two melt but with an idea already projected to a reunion. And, in fact, it would also be honest to communicate it as well. The two have, without a doubt, the need to try other roads, after four albums – all ended up in the top of the charts -the last of which “Good Vibes”, released in October of 2019, and then probably try the roads solo. Taking, however, open the door to a return. A choice that could be communicated differently, but there are a concert and a book to sell, and the two will try, and rightly so, to capitalize on these two outputs, as already done in recent years to level the record.

A choice is not easy

Benji & Faith, then, are grown up, they are adults compared to when you have taken the first steps in the world of music, and explain, the time has come to close “this phase of our life, ( … ), a story (that) was beautiful, special, unique but also intense and tiring. The truth is that we could not do anything else. Only that you can’t live for ever at two hundred per hour remaining the same person, and to regain the magic of what we do, we need to find ourselves,” he said, noting that “it was Not an easy choice”. Fans, can then read the book to find out the why of these choices. But, without crying, because, you know, in the world of music at the reunion (apart from people like the Smiths or Oasis, at least for the moment, of course) are the order of the day, and this time we were also notified.