Bernard tapie: a state of health “very degraded”, alarming confessions

Bernard tapie: a state of health

Where’s that shit in his health problems? In 2017, the former minister and mythical businessman revealed his fight against the disease. A game that this football fan has still not won since it fights against double esophagus cancer and stomach.

On Monday, March 29, a court hearing was set up as part of its appeal for fraud and misappropriation of public funds, suspended last October because of its declining health. Bernard tapie “is determined to come to the hearings scheduled for May,” claimed his lawyer julia minkowski – the wife of benjamin griveaux – who collaborates with hervé temime. She added that if her health condition is still “very degraded,” he has the idea of attending to the maximum of the hearings that have been fixed.”

The businessman, who struggles on the front of justice and that of health, had indicated that he had used special treatments in belgium. “If we hadn’t put him in the way, I would certainly not be here to talk to you about it. Yes, I would be dead without that,” he told the match bet in August 2020.