Bet Anna Tatangelo is Guapo with Geolier: the singer change the skin and sound

Anna Tatangelo is slowly choosing the new path to take. He had already given me an idea of what he was hearing in these last years, when he had asked to the Achille Lauro to redo together “Girl from the suburbs”, a Achille Lauro was not the one of the first Sanremo, but that was left behind at “Pour l’amour”. This time the singer of Sora is another step in a direction that is more contemporary, and trusting to one of the young talents of the trap bell, or Geolier, century Emanuele Palumbo, who in recent months has taken the scene shots of feat important and millions of views on social. We have put little of it to climb the charts and now opens a way in the pop (or, better, help Anna Tatangelo to open up another route with respect to pop).

Anna Tatangelo with Geolier for Guapo

It’s called “Guapo”, the song that will see them together and of which the singer has already given a glimpse on its social, for the occasion, reduced to the bone. The new single by Anna Tatangelo and Geolier will be published in the next 3 July and probably will attempt to threaten the top players of the summer hit. The song is described as “a shock in the universe of melodic Anna (…) an explosive cocktail in which the voices of the singer and rapper face off between rhymes and skirmishes” and in addition to Geolier sees the participation in the writing of Martina May, while it is produced by Dat Boi Dee and mixed by the Mixer to the T.

A new skin for the singer

In short, Anna Tatangelo announces a serious breakthrough, abandoning the garments of the most classic of pop to try your way in a world that mixes the sounds of rap, trap and urban (and in fact, hearing some hints of the song, he also thought RELEASED). Anna Tatangelo, so we will compare with different sounds for her, but especially for the listener, and is accustomed to the old idea related to her. Probably a bit curiosity, a bit of a meeting with Laurel have opened a whole different world. Now we need to understand several things, starting from the credibility to build a world that is not simple, but above all, we must see how his audience will accept this new Anna.