Brigitte Macron, “a chance” for Tiphaine Auzière : his daughter speaks out

For his new project high school “excellence, innovative, accessible to all, full of humanism”, Tiphaine Auzière can count on the good advice of his mother Brigitte Macron. In a new interview with the magazine’s Point of view August 19, 2020, the daughter of the first lady has presented her new school called Otherwise. An institution of which she is the volunteer president and that will open its doors in Paris on the 1st of September.

The inauguration of this high school in paris, with a class of second-first, and then a terminal next year, is only a first step for the lawyer of 36 years, a native of Hauts-de-France, which is also preparing the opening of a boarding school on the Coast of Opal : “My motivation is twofold : my children and my region, first explained the daughter-in-law of the president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. For Elise, 7 years old, and Aurelius, soon to be 5 years [born of his union with Antoine Choteau, gastroenterologist], I want the latest of the best education system possible… With us, it doesn’t exist, and necessarily involves to leave in a boarding school. At 15 years old, they may not be envy… and me neither ! I wanted to act because I find it a pity to lose the talents and potential so that there are so many challenges and issues here.”

An initiative which received the full support of Brigitte Macron, a former professor of French and latin : “We talk a lot together, and I will continue to do so as the development of the project, announced his youngest daughter. I have had the chance to be a mother a passion for her profession, which is more in private teacher ! It seems that the children of teachers are not doing too bad… I would like other children to have as much chance as me.”