Britney Spears : Interrupted by Sam Asghari, she screams, “You shut up !”

It is one of the goddesses of the LGBT community+. Each of its shares on the social networks, each of his photos is commented on hundreds of times a simple word : “Queen.” This is why Britney Spears held to give a nice wink to all his fans in the colors arc-en-ciel, the ones who support it since the beginning of his career, on 23 June 2020. In a video she posted on Instagram, the singer wished a merry “month of Pride” with a profusion of smiles and sparks in the eyes.

“To all my friends of the community. You bring so much passion to everything you do, she explained. Thanks to you, I’ve spent the best nights of my life. I love you so much that it hurts me !” In full swing, Britney Spears has, however, been interrupted by his companion, Sam, Asghari, who shouted a few words from another room. “Baby, you say nothing !”, the a-t-she then corrected, catching the hair in a surge of rage mixed with a sense of humour.

Certainly, Britney Spears has the gift of surprising his audience the most faithful. While the world was to fracture because of the pandemic of the sars coronavirus, the singer unveiled two surprises to make wait the confined. A new cover for his last album Glory – although it is released in 2016 – as well as a title almost unheard of called Mood Ring, only available on the deluxe version japanese disc until now.

This missive to the attention of the LGBT community+ tombe à pic. In the United States, it has finally been decided by the supreme Court that it would be illegal to discriminate against gay people or trans people in their place of work. Finished the professional environments, Toxic… a victory in this month of Pride ! For Britney Spears, it was also an opportunity to show off his new haircut from all angles, since it comes to opt for a fringe after years of denial. Two birds with one stone…