Camélia benattia, her son liaam almost suffered a medical error: “I was panicked”

Camélia benattia, her son liaam almost suffered a medical error:

Camélia benattia and her husband tarek are still on a small cloud since their first child arrived in their lives on November 11, 2020. It is a little boy named liaam who makes their happiness in the daily Dubai, where the nabilla cadet and his beautiful are also installed. And only a few months after his birth, the couple already plans to give him a little brother or a little sister.

Because yes, before getting pregnant with liaam, camelia lived an extra-uterine pregnancy. A phenomenon that she feared to see her son reproducing while waiting. Indeed, even his doctors believed in it, even inviting him to undergo medical treatment that could have killed his baby.

“three years ago, I got pregnant except that it was an extra-uterine pregnancy and it’s a pregnancy that can’t evolve, it makes internal bleeding etc. My doctor had injected me to drop that egg that never was going to be a baby. When I got back pregnant with liaam, I was panicked at the idea that it was still an extra-uterine pregnancy, so I went to hospital speed,” she said.

And during his visit, his fears were more or less confirmed because after examinations, his doctor made him realize that there was a problem: a new extra-uterine pregnancy. “that I’m painting a cable in the hospital, they don’t give me any explanation, tarek doesn’t even know I’m in the hospital, so I was super panicked.” But at that time, camélia fortunately did not resolve to accept their diagnosis.

I was too happy, I was really pregnant, my baby was there.