Camille Combal leaves the morning to Virgin Radio : “It stops there”

“This is the end!!” It is as well as Camille Combal has started his last post date on Instagram Sunday, may 24, 2020. Through a long message and a series of photos, the moderator has announced his departure from Virgin Radio, after “six wonderful years” to the antenna.

“Mad laughter, the Zenith, of calinous poutoux, the World Tour of France, the galleys of clim, gladness, O-zone, pass to your neighbor, a Dolorean, cafes, the parachute… And all your smiles! I go with rings, of course, but I go mostly with memories crazy thanks to you !“, remembers with emotion. Camille Combal don’t forget to greet the passage of the comrades with whom he has worked, as well as the public, which has always supported. “Thank you to my team that I love so much! The best! I have too much of a chance to have you near me. #BoiteASentiments ( … )… And especially THANKS to YOU who have chosen to wake you up to my side. To me, launching into this adventure, I would never have imagined one day be as followed. Without you, nothing would be possible… It picks up the story soon,” he promises. In the meantime, his listeners still have a month “to take advantage” of his morning soap on Virgin Radio.

It is my decision

In an interview granted to the Parisian, Camille Combal pours more about the reasons that led him to stop the radio to be dedicated solely to the tv. The facilitator explains in particular that he wanted to”stop at the right moment” : “It stops there, and it is the end of a superb adventure, but also of a cycle. It is my decision. (…) I’m in great shape, even when I woke up at 5.30 am for the past six years, but I do not want to weary the people. Each year, I ask myself the question of the wear of time, with the fear of not being creative, of doing the same thing.”

His back looks 100% TF1, and this is not to displease him, who has become one of the most emblematic figures of the string, to the commands of multiple emissions : “It is a lot of work. For now, we continue to Who wants to be a millionaire ?, which raised more than 300,000 euros to the associations. (…) There will be a new season of Dancing with the stars, which I will know the cast in August”, says he. As to Mask a Singer, Camille Combal hope to be able to turn “quickly” the second season “since everything has been suspended because of the Covid-19”. In addition, new and new projects are currently in negotiation, for which it will invest fully : “For this third year, I’m going to try to put a paw more personal in new projects. I realize my luck.”