Camille Cottin is the “fantasy secret” of a famous singer…

In Ten percent like in real life, Camille Cottin is a strong woman, funny and very sexy. A charm that leaves few people indifferent, starting with a famous singer… In a new interview with Her, published on 26 June 2020, Yael Naim has revealed that the actress was his “fantasy secret”.

“Sexually, Camille Cottin in Ten percent. I fantasize more about women than men !”, revealed the artist franco-israeli. Back in the media to discuss the release of her album Nightsongs, the artist has lent itself to the game of questionnaire IT is, where personalities are invited to respond to the tac with the tac to short questions.

She described what was his night of love ideal. “I love the beginnings of history, when one is uncertain about the other, and that the discoveries are being made emotional or physical. I love it when nothing is for granted,” she explains.

The opportunity to take this nasty habit that she did it in secret. “I suck my thumb. A teenager, I was ashamed. And at 19, first night of love with a boyfriend, I discovered that he also sucks his thumb. It made me open-minded”, says Yael Naim.

Together for over ten years, Yael Naim and her partner David Donatien are parents of a daughter, which they have revealed the existence in 2015.

Camille Cottin is also taken for a long time. The French actress is in a relationship with an architect and we do not know the name for over 18 years. Together, they have two children : Leon and Anna (born in 2015).

Find the interview of Yael Naim’s entirety in the latest issue of ELLE, published on Friday, 26 June 2020.