Camille Gottlieb : Jersey neckline and tanned skin, she shows in a bikini

At home, Monaco, the younger sister of princess Stéphanie continues to refine his tan. Always also active on social networks, Camille Gottlieb has shared an excerpt from his last break in the sunshine on Instagram, the 23 June 2020. The 21-year-old appears to be all smiles in her swimsuit flower.

Straw hat, tanned skin, wet hair and cute neckline : the little sister of Louis and Pauline Ducruet may take full advantage of its early summer in the principality. A snapshot of summer has not failed to attract its few thousands of subscribers. Camille Gottlieb has also liked a selfie to the point of selecting him as the new profile picture.

The last appearance of the young Monegasque was made in a context very different. On the 18th of June last, it is in his quality of president of the association Be Safe as Camille Gottlieb has been received by the mayor of Monaco, Georges Marsan. Accompanied by several friends, members of this organization, she has been offered a minibus which will be particularly useful in the next few weeks : since 2017, the daughter of princess Stephanie works in favour of road safety at night with a blood alcohol concentration does not allow them to take their vehicle to return to their homes.

As it passed in confinement at her mother’s home, in the company of her sister, Camille Gottlieb has been called upon on Instagram by a user considering it to be “futile”. A criticism to which she responded frankly : “I have a job, I’m responsible for communication, events and marketing a box, and I supervise several people. Then, if you follow a minimum of my passions and my activities, I have been for almost three years the founder and president of the association Be Safe Monaco, I am volunteer in the association of my mom’s Fight Aids Monaco and I also help a lot my mother in her quest for the well-being of the animals (…). I hope that these few words you have a bit more clarified (sic) on the person that I am !”