Camille lellouche cash on its dark period: “I was very low”

Camille lellouche cash on its dark period:

lellouche camille has worked for a long time to be considered as an artist. For a while, the young singer lived a dark period. I’ve really shady, so what saved me is that song.

It is to compose it and we listen to it,” the interpreter confided but I love you. However, a lellouche camille has been much better since it has been close to success. “I’ve been very low, so I’m stable.

I have this intelligence today to tell me that my neurosis is less violent than before. “It’s horrible, I’m not the only one, like many people who have galerized and who are still galvanized and who are very known today. You must never let go, you must be very well surrounded too,” concludes lellouche camille.

A beautiful message of hope for so many talents that are still in the shadows.