Cancelled concert Paul McCartney: “we will Try to bring it back, but with the voucher, no one loses money”

“I speak for me and not for the category as a whole”, it reiterates several times Mimmo D’alessandro, founder of the D’alessandro and Galli, one of the leading agencies in the Italian concerts. D’alessandro e Galli, in these days complex due to the pandemic of Civd-19, for which it has skipped many summer events, it must answer to the fans of Paul McCartney who are protesting for the voucher that reimburses the ticket spent for the dates of the ex-Beatles that were provided at the Lucca and Naples. Some of the fans of the English artist, and some consumer associations, in fact, complain that it’s not considered the option of a full refund of the ticket money. In short, the point is that it is not said that if I have spent 200 euro to see Paul McCartney wants to use them to see someone else – even noble -, especially following a severe economic crisis that could take me to use that money in another way. The issue is complex, and sees you take part the customer asks to return in possession of its own money and the other a company that moves within the boundaries laid down by the legislator and asks the audience to understand the situation in which all are found as a result of the pandemic. And promises to do everything, because the former Beatles back in Italy by the famous 18 months in which it is possible to use the voucher.

D’alessandro, we start by a general question: what do you think of the new Governance arrangements contained in the new decree?

With regard to the provision of the maximum of a thousand people in the open, and two hundred to the closed I find it a horrible thing, because you can do gigs with 1000 people only if they are maintained with public money, to a private is complex: 1000 seats, including insiders, means that you can sell less and the proceeds do not pay even the stage, the chairs, etc. The most you can count on food and drink, then how do you keep a show? It can only work who is doing it with public money or sponsors, but the sponsors in this period are not easy to find, and then…

It can be a time to review some things: there is a problem of swelling of the cachet and the production and then there is the questionecibo and drinks.

Yes, but this is a world that is doped, such as football. The question of food and beverage is very important for the festival, not for my, in particular, because I do a festival for 23 years in a city center where there are bars etc so I don’t have that help, but for the festival is an important voice. With regard to cachet and productions over the years have grown quite a bit too, and maybe it is time to return to resize a bit of everything.

At this time, then, you are living a crisis within the crisis to the issue voucher for the canceled concert of Paul McCartney…

A huge problem for me, because they were the five years I worked to bring Paul McCartney. Being so close to Naples, I’m struggling to return to Naples in the great circuit, I did, Gilmour at Pompeii, Elton John at the Plebiscite, and for playing sir paul McCartney’s Plebiscite was the dream of my life, I touched it, we were there almost and remained there, so you can imagine the frustration that I have and how badly I did. However, anyone who knows me knows that I’m not giving up ever and I don’t want this dream remains unfulfilled, and for this we are fighting, because when everything will return to normal we can do it again.

As it never thinks that the case is blown right about McCartney?

Why is the artist’s biggest there is and then tickets will cost more, then made more noise, and this adds to the fact that there are many people who encourages. The majority is silent and makes no noise, then there are those who have bought the most tickets etc and finally, there are the haters on social.

We know how it works the voucher, however, the problem arises for anyone who is an avid fan of a particular artist. In short, there is who spends a tot for McCartney but not them would spend for other and now find themselves having to choose artists they probably would not have invested so much. How to solve the thing?

The question of the condition of the artist is true, however, we must not forget that it is a pandemic, we are working from years, someone has obliged us to stop, was not a problem of bad management, or type the pipe dream, on the contrary, we were ready, we made spot inspections, checks, and all there was to do, but then we were obliged to stop. However, those who want to go see McCartney loves music and who loves music must help us. Anyone who knows our history knows that we have on the roster in the likes of Eric Clapton, Elton John, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, then with the voucher you still have a machine park that is incredible and you can go to see any thing.

But the hope of seeing McCartney in Italy is there?

Of course, it is said that McCartney will not return, in 18 months, lots of things can happen. However, in the meantime, you will not lose money.

What is the main problem that society has to face, eventually, a refund of the genre?

The company may also fail, not all can withstand the blow, fortunately, is not our case, we have a structure with 30 people and I don’t want to dismiss anyone, we are paying us redundancy, we do not have aid, and we are making incredible sacrifices: if tomorrow morning, but all goes to ask for the money in the bank, the banks failed and the supply chain, the music has a population of thousands of people, so if you love music, you can also go to see another concert of that level.

From one hand, therefore, there is an audience that also for economic reasons, would like the money back and a company that uses the tools it has to not fail. I ask of you: you can meet, even with the help of the Government and find a solution to this thing?

According to me the Government in the us did well, we we didn’t ask for anything, it was the legislature to decide this thing of the vouchers, which are a breath of fresh air. I want to clarify for good, however, that that money there we do not touch, are money of those who purchased the ticket, it is not that we go to spend money in other things, we do the holidays. When I will organize another concert with you and the voucher is not for me to repay, in short, we try to keep the supply chain in the foot. I do concerts all over Italy and work with many professionals, we’re trying to keep on your feet all, because if we do not share, the professionals with whom we work don’t find them more and this is a problem. The advance which thou hast given to the companies is not them ask for it back, we need to do so that they remain standing because the world of music has to start. We want to give answers to all, we do not hide behind a finger.

But anyone who has bought the ticket to Naples can hope to remain in Naples to see the other, at least?

Absolutely, we are trying to protect this thing, not to force people to go out to spend the voucher.

So what can you say to those who are complaining?

That must have confidence, that they do not lose anything, do not lose a penny, that anyone who loves music should have confidence in the music and we will do everything we can to make sure that McCartney lathes, alternatively, we are already working to revive the other artists of the same caliber, although no one can be equal to McCartney.

Of course, you know that there are those who will tell you that you could refund the ticket and not use the voucher, right?

However, we are not doing violence, we are behaving according to the law. A law made by a Legislature, not the I’ve made.

Abroad have found other formulas, I think of those who has increased the face value of the voucher, for example, up to 50%, in some Countries the reimburse…

In Germany and other Countries provide a voucher, in America, however, not having the law give this incentive. But also we cover everything, including pre-sale, in short, to those who have paid back all: if you paid 150, you can spend 150.

The artist arrived at the ear, what is happening?

Of course, before I called I was on the phone with the artist’s management, because this thing is the world, he had many concerts in Europe, tickets which have been sold to Italy, then, have been sold all over the world. He is sorry but he understands.

This, in fact, there is another issue: the british, to say, how to solve this problem?

Solve it with the culture of the music, with the hope of returning: in the end, would have been able to go see it in London or in other places, instead they had found the opportunity to come to Naples and we must make sure that this thing may happen again in Naples and return to Naples, that he who has the voucher, I spend it in Naples, hoping to do it again in Piazza del Plebiscito. But you can do it still in that Square?

Boh, you have to ask the Mayor De Magistris, I know…

He was very close to this thing, kept us a lot at this concert, then came the pandemic in the world. We hope to be able to redo the Plebiscite.