Capucine Anav attracted by the “son of” ? “For me, they are like the other”

Capucine Anav has confirmed his break-up with Alain-Fabien Delon in the columns of the magazine Gala, revealing the reasons for this separation. During this interview, the former columnist of a Button not to my post (C8) became an actress seized the opportunity to respond to critics about his relationships. Suspected not to be attracted by the “son of”, the ex-girlfriend of Louis Sarkozy replica.

“This is the life that put me on the path of those whom you call the sons of, she says. For me, these are young men like the other. I have lived beautiful stories with Louis and Alain-Fabien, without worrying about their family. There has been no calculation or malice on my part. It all happened very naturally.” Moreover, Capucine Anav does not include this label that sticks to the skin : “I don’t see why I should be cataloged. If some people want to have fun with me-stigmatize as well, it is a pity, but there’s nothing I can do.”

If she is not dwelling on his ex-father-in-law, Nicolas Sarkozy, Capucine Anav has agreed to mention Alain Delon, the father of Alain-Fabien Delon. “I am aware that it is a privilege [to have rubbed shoulders with, ED.]. He has an incredible career,” says-t it. And to qualify : “But as for me, I’ve met especially the father of my companion, and not Alain Delon, the star. And I believe I have been able to make the share of things, but I won’t say more.”

This is not the first time that Capucine Anav responds to attacks on the subject. In December 2018 already, during an interview DRVS for the young 29 year old woman had responded. “I’m not reduced to that, I can’t control”, she declared.

Today, she is in a relationship with a certain Victor, whose father is not a priori someone you know. However, there is still like its predecessors a very nice party. The young man, that Capucine Anav wishes to preserve of the limelight, works in finance… and above all, he is a millionaire ! “I’m very happy, very fulfilled, but I want to protect our relationship the most,” she said at the Gala.

An interview to find it in full in the magazine Gala, on newsstands this Thursday, July 30, 2020.