Cardi B : Hot in thong at the beach with her husband Offset, very tactile

Private concerts, and gatherings of all kinds, Cardi B, and Offset enjoying the other pleasures, like an afternoon at the beach ! They hit the Canvas with a new picture, hot. Canon in a bikini, tucked against her husband, Cardi is ready to devour…

Cardi B has more than 70 million subscribers on Instagram. 70 million internet users with whom she shares her daily life, his news and his rants, and that she has sent a photo worthy of a postcard ! The rapper, 27-year-olds poses with her husband, also a rapper, Offset. The one against the other, sitting on the sand on a beach, the couple parents of little Culture (2 years) share a moment hot.

“I want to eat it,” writes @iamcardib in the caption of her photo. The feeling seems to be shared by the Offset, which looks at his wife with envy and covered his ass tattooed.

If the coronavirus and prevents them from performing on stage, Cardi B, and Offset can all the same enjoy their freedom of movement is found and enjoy the holidays ! During the confinement, the bomb has worried her fans by revealing that she had been hospitalized.

Cardi has suffered from stomach pain for several days. She has not contracted the Covid-19, as had been imagined by some users.