Carla Bruni : Her daughter Giulia devouring the book from his dad Nicolas Sarkozy

The love of a girl for his dad. Giulia (age 8) has a fused relationship with his father, Nicolas Sarkozy. Despite his young age, the little blonde boy trains to reading in the pages of the new book the politician, The Time of Storms (Editions of the Observatory). On July 25, 2020, as shown by Carla Bruni in his Story Instagram, the little Giulia takes pleasure to delve into the memories of his dad, during his passage to the Elysée palace.

“First reader…”, has tenderly written to his mother on the social network, since their summer vacation in Corsica. On a second photo, one sees the Giulia is seated in his chair, legs resting on a radiator. It only differs from his eye mischievous, and her long blonde hair. As usual, Carla Bruni takes care not to reveal his face to the users. Friday, Nicolas Sarkozy, is rendered to him in a shopping centre of Ajaccio for an autograph session, the kick-off of a summer tour of several dates.

A year after the release of the Passions, in which the former head of State retraced its route policy prior to his arrival at the Elysée palace, Nicolas Sarkozy comes back with The Time of the Storms. In this book of 522 pages, written for the most part during the confinement, the former president of 65 years book several anecdotes, including his experiences at the international level. He also devotes several pages to his divorce with Cécilia, but also on the beginning of his beautiful story with Carla Bruni and their marriage, celebrated at the Élysée palace in the greatest intimacy, and that there is only a single photograph.

Remember that the little Giulia is the only child of the presidential couple, born on October 19, 2011. It must be already getting impatient for the release of volume 2 of the Time of the Storm, in which his father should tell the result of his action…