Carla Moreau and witchcraft: “Choqués et traumatized”, furious Marseillais and tears

Carla Moreau and witchcraft:

Did Carla Moreau resort to witchcraft through her visionary, under duress? It is his version of the facts but not sure that it is enough to convince the Marseillais to forgive him. As Magali Berdah said in Touche pas à mon poste on March 2, 2021, his (ex?)

comrades of reality television are really very shocked. Kevin Guedj fled to Dubai “in despair” but not only. In fact, he went to join the Marseillais in defending Carla’s honour and explaining that she was also a victim in this case.

Some candidates from the Marseillais find it very lazy,” explained Guillaume Genton in TPMP yesterday. The case is indeed lazy and some are not close to forgiveing Ruby’s mom. It must be said that she wanted to bring them the wrong eye to them and to the children of some.

Let’s remember that Maylone, Jessica’s son was born with an esophagus atrest which made him spend 21 days in the hospital. Then, a few weeks later, he escaped death thanks to his mother who revived him. Angelina, Manon Marsault’s daughter also had problems shortly after her birth.

Julien and Manon reported their anger and sadness on social media, but Jessica Thivenin and her husband Thibault, they have not yet responded publicly. As the businesswoman later said, Julien is not the kind to settle his accounts on Snapchat or Instagram, the patron of Marseilles prefers to preserve his family. “Manon has been crying for four days, it’s a real drama,” said Magali Berdah.

Smile malformations to all the children of the Marseillais.