Carolina Receiver déconfinée too fast ? It settles accounts

Life resumed little by little its rights for Monday, may 11, 2020, the date of the lifting of the containment in the Hexagon. If the French are forced to pay attention and to continue to apply the gestures barriers, they are free of their movements in a limit of 100 km. And, with the exception of the restaurants, the shops were able to reopen their doors. Carolina Receiver has not waited long to go to be pampered.

In fact, the day of Wednesday, may 13 2020 has been charged between appointments at the hairdresser and at the beauty parlor. Very active on social networks, the mother of Marlon, of course, shared the results with its subscribers. But there is one who would have liked to abstain in the light of the message pungent that it was sent. “A little disappointed. Déconfinée for three days and new extensions, new manicure, massage. In this period, I think that there are other ways to support small traders and to limit the risk of spread. The message sent to the young generation that follows you is not, in my opinion, not good“, she judged.

Carolina Receiver mounts to the niche

Huffy, Carolina Receiver picks his or her account Instagram to offer him a response very cash. “Me too, I am disappointed to see that some people still think that Instagram is a reflection of your life at 100% ! What do you know about my schedule ? What do you know of projects and companies that I manage each day ? Absolutely nothing, why ? Because I show only what I want to show on MY networks,” she recalled, first, a little bit irritated. Although it does not need them, the sweetheart of Hugo Philip justifies its outputs by the desire to “boost the visibility of small, independent traders who have a need of customers as (it)”.

Finally, Carolina Receiver returns to the “risk of spread” referred to by the user and it would be at the origin by multiplying the appointments. Again, the beautiful blonde rebukes dryly. “The day you see me avachie at the edge of the canal Saint-Martin with a beer and my friends without masks a day after déconfinement, one can speak of the risk of the spread ! Once again, I don’t need to show me wearing a mask for one am happy to do something ‘normal’ at the present time.” To conclude, she invites everyone to refocus on the essentials and to “spread good energy” : “Promised, it is life-changing.”