Cathania, burned the bus of the district rugby team: “Leave yourself from all”

Cathania, burned the bus of the district rugby team: “Leave yourself from all”

But nothing from which you can’t get up to run towards the goal. The philosophy of the brigands of book, the sports team of one of the most difficult districts of Cathania, is that of the sport they practice. They did not let themselves down in 2018, when a fire that whose causes were not clarified destroyed their club house, at the San Teodoro camp.

And they did not break down on Sunday, when another rogue devastated the bush with which, in pre-Pandemia, they went to take door to door the smaller wrinkles to take them to train or move. “We don’t know who might have been, but by now the vandalism has stopped counting them,” says mirko Saraceno, 24 years old and president of the sports association. Since he was 12, myrko has been seeing books at least three times a week.

To go to play rugby does the reverse path to what you would expect in a place made of popular houses and very few services: departs from the center of catania and moves towards the outskirts. “when one is small, he doesn’t notice what the brigands really do.” Teaching a lifestyle, a way of thinking, an alternative to the life of a complex neighborhood, told more for the drugs than for the oval ball.

“I lived in a book – he added to singlla, myrko’s peer and rubgist too – then, with my family, we moved. And for me, when I was little, the only thing beautiful was the rugby brigands.” The situation of the sports team over the years has changed: employment has become a public entrustment, projects to remake the lawn in synthetic grass have turned into a contract.

“If we were burned the bus for us is a success – comments giusy sipala, player of the brigantesses, the female training, and vice president of the association – because it means we are bothering someone. On April 24th, in the night, someone quickly, completely undisturbed, the armored door that gives access to the gym. It took time and energy and more than seven thousand euros of materials were stolen.

The door was replaced and, on the night of May 15, the fire destroyed the van. Meanwhile, under the porch, a group of kids back and forth with electric scooters. “I can’t play rugby, I’m too small, as soon as I’m touched, they’re making me fly,” says one of them, in the dialect.

To play just a pair of shorts and a short sleeve shirt, the rest you learn. “fourteen years – reassures them the president of the association – train with me”.