Cauet topless at the beach : his photo sunny impresses

The battle of the pictures been started since a few weeks. There are many personalities to be already parties to the holiday. And, unsurprisingly, they do not lack to share some photos with their fans on social networks. We can not count the number of people who are exposed in a bathing suit these last few days. Cauet just add to the list and it has done well !

After a year of hard work, the host of NRJ has taken a well-deserved vacation in the sun. Cauet has recently carried out a PCR test to find out if he was infected with coronavirus. One imagines, therefore, that he flew overseas to recharge the batteries. On July 23, 2020, the 48-year old man went to the beach and unveiled a beautiful photo to inspire its subscribers. Found shirtless, with a drink in hand, sunglasses screwed on the nose, looking to the horizon. “It is the hour of the aperitif”, he wrote in the caption of its publication.

Very soon, many subscribers of Cauet have posted a comment to say to the moderator that he had melted in recent years. “But what a man !”, “What a nice man say so”, “Handsome Cauet”, “You have done a lot of sport it’s crazy”, “You’re like the good wine, you age well”, a-t be able to read. Comments which have certainly given the smile on the dad of Valmont and Ivana (20 years and 18 years, the fruit of her former union with Virginia).

In September 2016, Cauet had mentioned his weight loss with our colleagues in Tv Entertainment. He revealed to have lost no less than 13 pounds at the time and had unveiled her secret to slimming down : “I have the recipe, I can give it to you if you want ! This is not a recipe for crazy. It’s just that I’ve done a little attention and a bit of sport.” He has taken this decision to be in better health, because he couldn’t be out of breath after his shows including. Since then, he still follows his good resolutions, and not lack not, therefore, be welcomed by its fans as soon as the opportunity presents itself.