Chanel Totti, the daughter of Francesco and Ilary Blasi’s 13th birthday. And the titles of mom and dad are very sweet

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi celebrate their second daughter Chanel who turns 13 years old. Home of the Pupone and presenter, cake, fruit, candles and… dedications to all love

Ilary Blasi is (almost) unrecognizable. And the fans are unleashed: “you’re exaggerating!” – READ YESTERDAY AND TODAY

“You’RE ALWAYS MORE BEAUTIFUL” – “you Become always more beautiful… every year that passes!!! Happy birthday my love,” writes love you dad, that already during the quarantine had dedicated words, very sweet (and energetic dances: for his three sons Cristian, 14 years old, Chanel and Isabel, 4 years: “With you everything is more beautiful”. And how do they look like Francesco and Chanel!

Ilary Blasi parading like a diva with the daughters Chanel and Isabel… but not if the row no one! –

“DREAM AND wonder” – “I hope You will continue to dream and marvel more and more each day… I love you,” notes tenderly mom Ilary. She also celebrated to quarantine its 39 years . And attacks social on her appearance, frankly, if it shrugs… –

Ilary Blasi, Francesco Totti, and the children in Sabaudia: this summer we see them again as well? –