Charlotte Gainsbourg photograph her daughter Joe, his look-alike child

The public has seen Charlotte Gainsbourg grow up. The daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin began very young, encouraged by her parents. She was not even 15 years old when she won the César for most promising female for her role in Shameless. A great time that she had lived in the presence of his father. Today aged 48 years, Charlotte Gainsbourg is the mother of three children, including the little Joe, born in 2011. Just like Ben, 22 years old, and Alice, age 17, Joe was born of the long relationship between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal, which has never resulted in a marriage.

The family does not live in France, but in New York, where they are confined. At the end of the month of April, Charlotte Gainsbourg has released a series of photos of Joe, his “eternal source of inspiration“. The little girl appears in 12 thumbnails, different, dormant. On some, his face appears, and these small glimpses were enough to users to find him a resemblance to Charlotte Gainsbourg when she was a child. “It looks like you child,” “Little Charlotte”, “A nice little clone,” reads one particular.

The first time that Charlotte Gainsbourg had shown the face of his daughter, Joe goes back to 2017, when it had done so to turn in the clip of Deadly Valentine, as featured on his album Rest. She even made the video. Alice, as you already knew for having participated in an advertising campaign for Comptoir des cotonniers with his mother, was also included in the clip. “I have been much photographed child with my parents, I didn’t care, it was normal, and then, when they separated, it was a nightmare. Everything has turned against them, against us… I said to myself that my privacy was to preserve at all costs. Therefore, when children are born, with Michael, we did everything to hide them. I’ve already shot with my son, but it was almost clandestine. Alice, it felt like it. We talked about it. I started working at exactly the same age, 12 years old”, she had explained, at the time, Madame Figaro.

Since then, Ben has turned in another movie with his parents, My dog stupid, released in 2019 and directed by Yvan Attal.