Chiara Ferragni, birthday super chic on the terrace… with cake super trash Fedez and best wishes, very sweet of Leo

Chiara Ferragni turns 33 years in the cloister… golden. The emergency coronavirus (who has seen the Ferragnez in the first line: has not allowed the influencers to organize one of his energetic party? No matter: Fedez has created for you a fabulous location on the terrace of their super penthouse (in addition to a cake super trash: . Petals and bouquets of flowers everywhere, the dinner excellent (delivered at home) and gifts galore. With social flooded with wishes from all over the world. Those are more sweet, however, came from his son, Leo, is irresistible! PRIVATE 2

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez in the front line against the coronavirus. And are the parents sweet –

ROMANTIC DINNER ON the TERRACE – Fedez back of his hair colour and the sudden pastry chef: takes everything that is sweet in the kitchen and assemble a cake weird for the birthday girl. Even if there would be no need: for the whole day in the house Ferragnez raining sweets, gifts and flowers to no end. Then a weapon of ramazza and clean, the terrace of the super-penthouse at CityLife, with a fantastic view over Milan, to prepare for the romantic dinner

Also the birthday party for the two years of Leo was in the… quarantine

“THE BIRTHDAY of the MOST CRAZY” – After the party for the two years of Leo at the end of march , another birthday in quarantine in family size (with a joke: . But this time, it is super chic. And sweet: “The best wishes the most beautiful in the world”, writes Clear, are those of her child . “It is the birthday most insane ever. Thanks for making me feel so loved.”

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez,their holidays are always super-luxury –