Chimene Badi thinned through the surgery ? In the Face of the accusations, she responds

Chimene Badi a lot of talk these last few days. On social networks, the singer of 37 years has shared different photos. And his fans do not believe their eyes. In the Face of numerous comments, the artist has responded.

On July 27, 2020, Chimene Badi has published a photo in which she appeared in jeans and T-shirt, all smiles, with a half-ponytail, and converse. “Good evening, friends”, she had simply légendé its publication. Among the many comments, many users have indicated that she was “unrecognizable” and that she had lost a lot of weight. Others have highlighted the fact that it is not longer recognized or that it was placed by the box for aesthetic surgery to have this new silhouette. “Some are opting for the ease… The surgery, for example,” wrote the person in question. “This is not Chimene, open the eyes”, wrote one of his customers after seeing a picture of the bride of Julien in overalls, posing on a car. As many comments have obviously annoyed the interested main.

Wednesday, July 29, Chimene Badi has published a new photo. We discovered in the process of setting the target, the hair let loose, dressed casual. “Let them say”, she wrote in the caption. A means of responding to its detractors and to make a nod to her album and single that carry this name, both released in 2010. To his fans, the most faithful greeted his reaction. “You’re right, Chimene, lets say. You are free to do what you want. If the people you knew, they would know the beautiful person that you are, and would say nothing wrong on you. Kisses”, “Those who love you recognize you by your eyes, do not say to you ever what you should be doing, or how you should be dressed and how you should be wearing. (…) Forget the fools, you’re a wonderful woman. The most important thing is to get to the point and be positive”, “You’re right they are only jealous”, a-t be able to read.

Chimene Badi has indeed changed since it was revealed in 2002 on M6, in Popstars. To say that she is unrecognizable… We’ll let you judge !

At the time of the tv-hook, the beautiful brunette had a figure more curvaceous. But over the years, it is more refined. In September 2015, the singer has been seen in the musical Cats was revealed to have lost 35 pounds. But rare are his confidences about her weight, because she does not like to talk about. “It is too frustrating to give interviews and not to see out things that are frivolous. It is annoying that I always talk about my weight loss… It comes back without stopping. I want to express other things. Journalists must respect the fact that I want to speak only of my career,” explained she in April 2016, to a Tv Star.