Chloe (Top Chef 2021) lesbian, bride and mom: “It has a militant side…”

Chloe (Top Chef 2021) lesbian, bride and mom:

Of the fifteen Top chef 2021 candidates, only four women. A status not obvious in this period of health crisis linked to the Covid-19… But fortunately, she can count on the support of her loved ones, including her wife Gaëlle and their little daughter Olga, born in December 2020.

With our colleagues from Télé Loisirs this Wednesday, March 3, 2021, Chloé Charles evokes his life as a couple for the first time. For her, there was one before and one after the first episode of Top Chef. There are also the articles in the newspapers, people are interested in my life as a couple as if it were exciting, let her go.

Chloé Charles (Top Chef): “I came to talk cooking, not my love life”Publish moments of his life as a couple, Chloé Charles is proud of it. “It has a militant side of exposing a homosexual couple as something quite trivial,” she says. To Top Chef, I came to cook, I didn’t show my story with Gaëlle.

Whether we display our happiness on Instagram, whether we make a flash of eyes every time, it’s social networking. It’s also pride because I love Gaëlle. But by doing Top Chef, I really came to talk about cooking.”

And to conclude: “The fact that I am a lesbian is not interesting. I don’t see the subject, I came to talk about cooking, not about my love life. Everyone does what he wants, of course, everyone displays his privacy on social networks if he wishes.”