Chrissy Teigen : Accused of stealing cooking recipes from other chefs

After making through the modeling, Chrissy Teigen is now living out of his passion for the kitchen ! She discovers that the food industry is not tender. The supermodel is accused of stealing the recipes of other chefs and using it in his name.

Chrissy Teigen is very active on social networks. She has nearly 13 million followers on Twitter, where she has published a series of articles on Tuesday 12 may 2020 on a critical against him, the author of books of cooking Alison Cook. An internet user has taken advantage of these tweets to accuse him of stealing the recipes other cooks.

“You do not know how to cook, and you copy the ideas of others ! It is plagiarism, even if you change an item ! Come up with your own ideas ! Species of clocharde !, writing @buckwheat1939. Chef Mike saw what you were doing and going to maybe file a complaint ! (…) He called me ! Hold on to your stuff in the Philippines.” “Chrissy, use YOUR talents, and not those of others. I assume that you have pissed off a lot of people who have worked all their lives in the kitchen, and you land and use their ideas as if it was yours. Please, at least mention the person or persons to the origin of the recipe ?”, adds this anonymous.

Chrissy Teigen replied, without taking his about xenophobic about its origins philippines. The wife of singer John Legend insists on the fact that she doesn’t know this famous chef Mike who, according to a Twitter user, would have cooked for her family. “Tell me who is this chef Mike, so that I could talk to him. I have never stolen recipe, and I am actively of the restaurants that I love. Imagine the ego that he has to believe that a person is the copy then that she had never heard of him…”

Chrissy Teigen has in fact been the victim of a troll, a prankster of social networks, whose sole purpose is to provoke a reaction. Another user has discovered the identity of this famous chef Mike. The expression “Chief Mike” means “Chef Microwave”, chief microwave in French, and is used in the middle of the restoration to mean that the dishes are prepared in the microwave.