Cindy (Koh-Lanta) depressed by her weight gain : “I want to please my husband”

On August 10, 2020, Cindy Poumeyrol has made several revelations about his weight, in story Instagram. The former candidate Koh-Lanta (the War of The heads, in 2019 on TF1) explained that she had done a diet rebalancing and that it was returned seriously to the sport after having been shocked by its weight on the scale. Asked by Purepeople, the beautiful blonde 31-year-old told us a little more.

Cindy Poumeyrol is a good living and do not hide it. The wife of Thomas loves to eat and has periods where she does not deprive. But recently, its weight displayed on the scale gave her a click. “I got up to 70 kilos, my goal is to be in the 60 kilos. For the moment, I’ve lost 3 kilos in twelve days“, we had it explained. The candidate of Moms & Famous (TFX) has projects that have given him the urge to invest fully in this new mode of life : “I leave my collection of clothes at the end of October and I really want to put the outfits in value. Then, I raid the athletes to prepare. I’m leaving in October and November in Corsica and Guadeloupe. Between the containment after the containment and the holidays, I too enjoyed and it was good to get back a little green. In parallel, I run almost every day and I’m building muscle.

It is good to have fun but after a while…

In story, Cindy Poumeyrol had also revealed that she had been unable to hold back his tears after he discovered his new weight. But this was not only because of his extra pounds. “In my life I’ve always more or less done the yo-yo of plus or minus ten pounds. But I always found it nice because it’s still harmonious. And I’m not for the thinness or the perfect body. But when I went to run and I saw that I no longer had any physical condition, it depressed me. I wondered how, 30 years past I could just let go. It is good to have fun but after a while, it takes a little attention, not only for physical but also for health. And I want to always please my husband”, she said.

There is no doubt that she will succeed the challenge without a problem. After childbirth, there are almost ten months, Cindy had lost a dozen pounds to be comfortable in his skin on the day of her wedding. His union was falling four months after the birth of Alba. The next year, she may need to again pay attention to his diet. The reason for this ? She wants to have a second child very quickly.

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