Cinzia (Speed 2021) comes back on “a difficult period”: “I provoked an ulcer”

Cinzia (Speed 2021) comes back on

The candidate of pekin express 2021 (M6) cinzia also tries to keep the smile in all circumstances. As his bunny, cinzia was always smiling and positive. A state of mind on which it was entrusted during a question/answer session on instagram.

It was an opportunity for her fans to learn that the beautiful 34-year-old brunette had a health concern. “One day, while I was living a difficult time, I caused a stress-related ulcer. And I realized that my thoughts were so powerful that they were lying to me from the inside.

So I realized that if my thoughts became positive and that no matter what the situation, I had the power to generate something great in me. There are things that can not be mastered (for example, others) on the other hand, we have power over how we live and feel things. Has us to choose what we want to feed: the good or the bad,” she revealed.

Although she didn’t win the adventure with her best friend, the vincent companion can be proud of her. I should have rested after that, but, as you know, the adventure continues and I continued tirelessly on my pain for two weeks. Nothing bad luckily, with rest and a good kine after to sin, it came back in order”, said cinzia on the subject.