Clandestine dinners: the leader christophe leroy finally reacts to the accusations

Clandestine dinners: the leader christophe leroy finally reacts to the accusations

Would christophe leroy have been tired of waiting for the restaurants to open again to practice his profession? A report of M6, dated 2 April 2021, revealed that clandestine dinners were held in paris and, very soon, it appeared that the leader was participating in these events in the middle of the pandemic. While his home was searched on Wednesday 7, he finally reacted to the controversy.

It must be said that, above the market, a blur persists with respect to the supposed presence of one or more members of the government at dinners like this. Private residence or public establishment? As the bfmtv report on 8 April, the lawyer of christophe leroy released a press release in which he denounces a “bad trial” and a “media harassment” against his client.

Guests for meals at home and in private residences but not elsewhere. Of christophe leroy. The other controversy over these dinners is based on the supposed presence of at least one member of the government.

Even his bell on the side of the lroy christophe lawyer. “in any case, and unlike what has been declared in a unprofessional manner, no member of the government has participated in the meals. These intrepid journalists would honor themselves by recognizing that they were wrong,” he said.

However, in the show, I don’t touch my post on April 7, a waiter who worked during a night at the Viven Palace brought his testimony. He confirmed M6’s information about the number of guests and the fact that they had actually paid for dinner. He recognized that he served a well-known host and an active columnist; nothing surprising, severine ferrer herself said she had been invited to such dinners while refusing to participate.

So be careful how to serve, to speak,” added the server. He said he was a minister in business and gray hair. While the cyril host gave him a trombinoscope, the waiter was unable – or perhaps he didn’t dare say anything – to recognize the person present at the evening.

I don’t want to discourage the host who promised to continue the investigation.