Claude and Teheiura (Koh-Lanta) : Their explanation off-camera at the beginning of the game

What happiness ! For the third time in the history of Koh-Lanta, the viewers found Claude. Candidate physical ability and astonishing free agent who doesn’t care about alliances, the famous finalist of the show in 2010 in Vietnam, and in 2012 in Cambodia, is on track to be back in the final four. Interviewed by Le Parisien, Claude has done the things on his adventure. He referred in particular to a focus with a other hero, Teheiura (runner-up unlucky in 2011 to Raja Ampat, which has returned in 2012 in Cambodia and in Koh-Lanta : The New Edition in 2014).

The two men are to be found in this edition of 2020 and, as of the first episode, it felt very close. Yet, as revealed by Claude, this complicity has nothing to do with their joint venture in 2012, a season in which Claude had eliminated Teheiura. Then, when the adventurer found the Tahitian on the island, he decided to have an explanation with him, and it took place far from the cameras. “We have already done an adventure together in 2012 and it had kind of finished water flange because I was not close to him and that I was part of those who have eliminated. Here, when we landed on the island, it was explained, and he forgave me. I was delighted that we could again compete, it has forged a beautiful friendship.”

In contention to win the game, Claude has been able to rely on the advice of his wife before leaving for the adventure. “Before coming, she asked me not to make any promise. There’s nothing we can reproach me, I am responsible for the elimination of person, which is rare in Koh-Lanta. Even I have trouble believing it”, he explains. If Claude finds herself in front of the final Jury, he should not wipe “vote sanction”, contrary to what happened to him in the past. Go, fingers crossed.