Claude (Koh-Lanta) star of municipal governments : the commitment that he is ready to take

Claude Dartois will be there soon president of the Republic ? The public that followed his adventures in Koh-Lanta 2020 don’t say no ! An elector of Rennes (in Brittany) has even voted for him at the municipal, whose second tour took place Sunday 28 June 2020. A fun fact which the adventurous 41-year-old has responded with our colleagues on the Huffington Post. He also spoke of his fame with which it has sometimes been hard to cope.

Nearly a month after the end of the distribution, the finalist unfortunate Koh-Lanta 2020 is still as popular with the public. His prowess, his right reasoning, or mind of steel is a hit among viewers of TF1, who made statements sometimes inflamed on social networks. Some have asked for a totem to his effigy, or the imagined president of the Republic. One voter went even further by having the funny idea to write “Claude Koh-Lanta” on a piece of paper and deposit it in the ballot box, in the last municipal elections. A story that Claude had taken it with a smile. “Anyway, it is considered as a blank vote. (…). This is a shot com’ for the city, or perhaps a coup de com’ staff. I take it more as a wink”, he said. But the dad of Andrea (5 years old) and Marceau (born in January) does not engage in politics : “I want to bring my stone to the edifice about associations and things ecological, but political, this is not my thing.”

Claude never expected probably not to be as solicited. Since the end of the confinement, the beautiful brown is often stopped in the street, a situation that it is sometimes hard to manage : “The period of confinement protected me in a first time because, in the evening, we didn’t go out often, it was a bit more calm. Currently, I don’t have a problem with that, I’m pretty quiet and very close to the people. After that, it respects the distance or not, one approaches or does not approach, it may be that, the most annoying. I’ve been much requested and it is true that it is tiring.” There is, however, not against a new involvement in Koh-Lanta, if the conditions are suitable for him. In the meantime, the public will be able to find it this summer on France 2, in Fort Boyard. A shooting which earned him many injuries.