Coeur de Pirate : After the scandal, “a decision of enormous risk” for the star

Coeur de Pirate, soon to be patron saint ? The singer 30-year-old announced on his account Instagram that she wants to start a business ! In effect, the interpreter to Scream all low wants to redeem his record label Dare to Care Records, which is currently in turmoil.

On his account, the singer explains the meaning of her approach when she wants to get out his cheque book to buy back the company, which she joined in 2008. “Fair, I stayed there throughout my career. I have seen it go up and become an important company of our cultural milieu. (…) It employs competent people, and important to our culture, that they have at heart. Leave a part of our culture to the sinking would be, according to me, a monumental mistake. If there is one thing that we should understand recent events, it is that actions create change. I want to be part of the change, I want to give a new breath to what one already knows. This is why I have filed a letter of intent to make an offer for the purchase of Dare to Care Records/Grosse Boîte”, she wrote.

A takeover offer, which comes at a time when his record company has recently been turned upside down by revelations of sexual harassment and assault on the artist Bernard Adamus. In the aftermath, the boss of the box, Eli Bissonnette, has also been requested to make its cartons. Coeur de Pirate is ready to invest money and take over the business. A project which, one imagines, will prove to be expensive, but this does not scare the mother Romy. She has put her savings but also relies on partners for the time being mysterious.

Questioned by The Press, the singer said a little more. “I know that I have been ‘vocal’ about my sexual assault and it can be seen as a strong symbol of regaining control of a box that fell in the wake of this wave of accusations. But before anything else, I don’t want the label dark so that there is a lot at stake. (…) It is a huge risk for me. But I would not be where I am in my career if I had not taken risks,” she confided.