Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) : Arrested during a demonstration for George Floyd

In addition to the coronavirus, a wave of protests has shaken the United States. It was caused by the death of George Floyd, a black man of 46 years old, was asphyxiated in the middle of the street by police officers, in Minneapolis. Cole Sprouse attended a rally and was arrested.

It is on Instagram, where it has over 32 million subscribers, that Cole Sprouse has told about his experience. The actor of 27 years old, and the heroes of the series Riverdale was arrested during a demonstration in Santa Monica, Sunday, may 31, 2020. He has posted a picture of the phrase Black Lives Matter and writes in the caption : “A group of peaceful protesters, of which I was part, was arrested yesterday in Santa Monica. So before the horde, with a voracious appetite for media sensationalism decides to focus his attention on me, it is necessary to speak of circumstances : the lives of Black people count.”

“The peace, riots, looting are a legitimate form of protest. The media, by nature, are not going to show that the more sensational, which only serves to prove their intentions racist. I was detained when I stood in solidarity, as a lot of people on the front line, in Santa Monica, adds Cole Sprouse. We were given the opportunity to leave, and we were told that we would be arrested if we did not leave. When many have decided to leave, we were faced with another barrage of police officers that we were blocking the road and that we were handcuffed with zip-ties. It is necessary to say that as a white man, and as a celebrity, the institutional consequences of my arrest are nothing compared to those of other members of the movement.”

The ex-boyfriend of the actress Lili Reinhart concludes : “This is the time to stand close to others when a situation becomes tense, provide smart support, to protest and to do what it takes well. This is precisely the time to think about what it means to be an ally. I hope that others in my position do also.”

Like Dylan Sprouse, singer Ariana Grande and fashion models Emily Ratajkowski and Paris Jackson took to the streets to support the movement Black Lives Matter and seek justice for the death of George Floyd. At the time we write these lines, only one of the four police officers who were arrested, Derek Chauvin, was arrested and indicted.