Concluded case: a buyer made a infarction “not long ago”

Concluded case: a buyer made a infarction

Daniel picouly, natasha St-Pier and amandine Petit will be guests of this historic charity evening. On the buyers’ side, will appear diane chatelet, caroline marginridon or julien cohen. During a live instagram with his big caroline girlfriend marginridon on March 21, stéphane vanhandenhoven explained hope to be part of the band as of April 1st next.

The emblematic merchant of the show is all the more serene to the idea of resuming his place as he was vaccinated. And for cause, stéphane vanhandenhoven met some health nurses. “I had my first dose, I was vaccinated with the pfizer (…) first, I’m not 42 years old, I still have much more.

During this live, caroline marginridon also confessed to having received her first dose of vaccine. “we’re people who cohabit a lot of people so it’s normal that we’re protected, already to protect you and protect us. Everything went well and don’t be afraid, you have to get vaccinated (…) I got vaccinated 15 days ago, I’m in full shape,” she reassured.

Deal concluded, on the theme of romance, broadcast in prime time on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 on france 2