Coralie Porrovecchio mom and already 15 pounds lighter : she confides

Coralie Porrovecchio, known thanks to the television series Secret Story 9 in 2015, has given birth to her first child on may 23, 2020. The fiancée of the player of the OM Boubacar Kamara (20 years old) welcomed a little boy named Leeroy after several days ‘ absence on the social networks.

Since the arrival of his son in his life, the beautiful brunette is literally on a small cloud, to such a point that she has not taken the trouble to give his news to his community, until Monday, June 1, 2020. Through his story, Instagram, Coralie was expressed for the first time since his birth. “Doesn’t it look really weird to resume Snap after so much time. It’s been a week and two days I gave birth. I really wanted to explore the lives of three not necessarily consider myself on my phone or snapper, this is why I’ve been absent, and, frankly, it’s just magic. It should really be a mom to understand this, but this is too too cool !”, she confided to start.

The young woman then turned to her little bundle of joy, who is doing very well, and “grows before our eyes”. Decided to catch up with its thousands of subscribers, Coralie has shared with them the details of his birth, which took place without any complication. “Everything went super super well spent, I had a birth magic vaginally. I was triggered because I had gone over my term , and it was not dangerous, the baby was very well, but everyone was getting a little impatient, and that it had to be that way. I have not had pain when I heard ‘you have to do the epidural otherwise you’re going to die’… Yes I made it, but even before I did not get more evil than that so at the top.”

The number of kilos impressive that she has already lost

While it does not reveal the face of the little Leeroy soon, the young mother gave some clues : “As you say… If you want to know what it’s like baby, this is simple, look at Boubakar, it is exactly the same as a baby.” In speaking of her sweetheart, she did know that it was a dad “extraordinary” : “He does everything, he is always there, he gave me a shoulder, it is nickel.”

Finally, Coralie Porrovechio focused on his physical, which has taken a hard hit with her pregnancy. “I have completely cracked the day before the end of everywhere except the belly. Therefore it means that in addition to the hips, I have the bottom of the ass and I have thighs that have cracked. So there I am in the process of addressing all of these stretch marks, it begins to diminish.” The beautiful brunette can take comfort in noting the number of pounds impressive that she has already lost. “Since I gave birth, I have already lost 15 pounds on the 30, so it is rather satisfied.”

The only downside : “fatigue, very, very, very intense” and hormones that work a lot. “I’m crying for nothing”, she says. Still, his joy is immense. “It is a small perfect baby and a small perfect family“, she says in conclusion.