Costanza Caracciolo is pregnant again… and is already in her sixth month! The former tissue, and Bobo Vieri will have another girl

Costanza Caracciolo is pregnant… and is already in her sixth month! After the photos with a lot of tummy suspect , is the same as the former tissue to confirm the gossip, and to proclaim the good news in the tv room of Silvia University (Saturday at 16 on (Channel 5): she, and Bobo Vieri will have another child. To True, for the first time, Constance talks about the new motherhood. And reveals: “I Look for a female child. We are very happy and can’t wait!” PRIVATE | | | |

In the last exit, with Bobo Vieri and the figliaStella, Costanza Caracciolo showed a tummy… more than suspect!

STAR HAS A YEAR – “I wanted to be sure of everything before I announce it, because three months is too short. Now I have entered in the sixth month of pregnancy,” says the showgirl Silvia University. He wanted to wait before announcing the news publicly. Get a little sister for Stella, who on November 18, has completed his first year of life.

Costanza Caracciolo and Bobo Vieri, the last sea (tender) with daughter Stella –

“BOBO IS WONDERFUL,” – On the other hand, had said the same Vieri that only one son was not enough for him and its Costy. Bobo, preparations: you need to see three females in the house! “He’s a wonderful father,” says Constance. “I think that with the next birth impazzirà totally. At the beginning I thought that a boy I wouldn’t mind but he said that with two females would be wonderful. And, in fact, I have to say that it is fine”.

Costanza Caracciolo and Bobo Vieri, their new life is in Miami –