Cuba Gooding Jr. accused of rape : a woman bears witness and gives details

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr., becoming the new Bill Cosby ? The actor of 52 years, Oscar for best supporting role in 1997 for his role in Jerry Maguire, multiplies the testimonies and accusations of women against him. A new complainant the attack on the civilian for acts of rape.

Already indicted for fondling forced on three women – his trial has been postponed because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus – , the actor is now also accused of raping a woman in 2013, according to a complaint filed Tuesday 18 August 2020, at the civil. In this complaint, filed with the federal court of Manhattan in New York and quoted by several american media, Cuba Gooding Jr. is accused by a woman, remained anonymous, had raped her in a hotel in the Big apple 7 years ago. After having invited her to come for a drink, he would climb into her room. She is said to have wanted to leave after he had started to undress in front of her, but it would have prevented her, pushing her on the bed to rape her on two occasions, although she had ceased to ask him to stop.

“Our client door of the allegations to be very serious against Cuba Gooding Jr. in the complaint that we have registered, she is looking forward to obtain justice before a court”, indicated to the AFP, Gloria Allred, lawyer of the alleged victim, who is claiming damages of an unspecified amount. “These allegations are false and perjury. We believe that the case will be dismissed”, told AFP the lawyer of the actor, Mark Jay Heller, former lawyer of Lindsay Lohan.

Since 2019, twenty women have accused Cuba Gooding Jr. touching forced or sexual harassment.

As a reminder, Cuba Gooding Jr. became known with the film boyz’n the Hood, the law of the street in 1991. He recently incarnated O. J. Simpson in the mini series American Crime Story.