Cyril Hanouna “broken wrist” : management the hospital after a big fall

The holiday of Cyril Hanouna come to take another turn. On June 18, 2020, the presenter of a 45-year-old had his last show C that the kif of the season, on C8. Since then, the father of Lino (8 years) and Bianca (9 years old) took advantage of his free time to relax, while preparing for the new school year in Key not at my post. But one of its activities has turned into a nightmare.

Cyril Hanouna is sporty and reveals often his tennis sessions on social networks. He also likes to ride a bike, but its last trip could have cost him dearly. Baba has indeed been the victim of a fall, a mishap that he revealed to his fans on Twitter, this Friday, July 24. “Darlings I didn’t want to cause you anguish, but I made a very big crash in a bike that could be very very serious. Fortunately I was able to control the fall and avoid the worst, but the arm is touched and the broken wrist a priori. I go to the hospital I’ll let you know”, he wrote.

Not surprisingly, many internet users have commented on its publication. Worried, his fans – whom he is very close – wished him a speedy recovery and look forward to have news.

Hope for him that this is nothing serious and that he will be able to enjoy the result of his vacation and make his comeback without an arm in plaster. His return to work will be synonymous with innovations. For the next season, Cyril Hanouna has recruited new columnists such as Patrice Laffont, Jean-Pascal Lacoste, Thomas Villechaize or Booder. Valérie Benaïm, Jean-Michel Mayor, or Benjamin Castaldi will be back for the greatest happiness of the public. Cyril Hanouna will also be back at the controls of take it or leave it.