Cyro cricket and friends, chat phrases: “At first it seemed that he didn’t want… ”

Cyro cricket and friends, chat phrases: “At first it seemed that he didn’t want... ”

Cyro grillo is investigated along with three other friends: francesco corsiglia, vittorio lauria edoardo capittathe incriminated night becomes a boast for the group of inquisitions and friends. While for the defense of the son of the comedian and of edoardo capitta, victorious lauria and francesco laglia was only one night of consenting sex. Cyro grillo, one of the four friends spys on everyone: “I was sleeping” – read | foto | videothe accusations – the temple prosecutor pausenia disputes the group violence to the boys and closed the investigations for the second time.

According to the reconstruction of silvia, francesco lane would have consumed the first rape, first in the room and then in the bathroom. The other three would instead be the authors of the next violence, after it would be forced to drink vodka. Only obscene words to describe the situation that they tell as a fun with one who “was there”.

Cyrus cricket, the son of beppe towards referral to judgment. Stop me too!” – lookthe phrases in the viewfinder – the pollutants, however, highlight some phrases that may be useful: “At first it seemed that he didn’t want…” writes for example one of the boys to a friend he wanted to know. And then, on the day of the kidnapping of the phone, the words that Edward wrote to the victorious: “I’m afraid that one has denounced us.” and “3 vs 1” to indicate the sex between him, victorious, circus and silvia.

Cyro grillo, speak for the first time the parents of silvia: “We can no longer be silent, too many falsehoods on our daughter” – looke.m.Today ©Reserved PRODUCTION