Cyro grillo: “where it was a game, we went a little further.” and…

Cyro grillo:

The son of beppe grillo claims that silvia was consenting and that he drinks “any silvia of vodka, alone and without any of us forcing it”. The mother, meanwhile, claims that “the boys were quiet”cyro grillo, the record of his interrogation for the violence of group in which he is accused together with the Franciscan friends lane, victorious lauria and edoardo capitta. The young man denounced being raped first by lanes and then, together, by the other three boys.

The latter are then accused of abuse against the roberta friend, who slept on the couch. Cyrus cricket, friends and rape charge: minute reconstruction per minute – lookwas a game – “But what violence…” is the synthesis of the defense of cirus, according to which it was a “consensual relationship”. “The morning of July 17, 2019 we were on the patio I, victorious lauria and edoardo capitta together with silvia (imaginative name ndr.)

Silvia drank some sip of vodka, alone and without any of us forcing it. So they went all to the room for what “must be a game” but that “then we went a little further…”. Cyro grillo, one of the four friends spys on everyone: “I was sleeping” – read | foto | videothe mother – the mother parvin tadjik, then, that the night of the alleged rape slept in the adjacent apartment did not notice anything.

Here is the woman’s record: “We have not seen and heard anything abnormal. Beppe grillo becomes grandfather… “and I will really want to see it with two grandchildren!” – exclusivethe story – it was not the only one, therefore, not to notice what had happened. The property of our property is located at number 36 while that of my friend at 37. the two houses are very close and adjacent.

The property was owned by the manager, head of the comedian. Cyrus cricket, the son of beppe towards referral to judgment. If they had not met two girls who had stopped by them because they did not feel like returning to chicken port and had done a spaghettata together.

On the contrary, just that day with the boys we recorded a video on my phone that we sent to all the other three mothers. I remember perfectly that both my Cyrus and Franciscan son told me that I was late for accompanying the two girls in Arzachena.” Of the previous evening mentioned: “We were hoping and having dinner together, then they dared on their own and had their own autonomous spaces.

That night, I took the four guys to the billionaire nightclub with my car because I wanted to avoid them coming back by car. I preferred to take the day vehicle.”the son of beppe grillo and the accusation of sexual violence, the mother parvin tadjk listened in prosecution: was in the next room – looke.m.Today ©Reserved PRODUCTION