Cyrus cricket, the (new) reports of the silvia friend: “Here are the photos with bruises”

Cyrus cricket, the (new) reports of the silvia friend:

The amandate reports, one of the best friends of the Italian student who denounced rape. With increasingly disturbing detailscyrus cricket, there is another testimony to weigh on accusations of group violence against his and his friends Edwardian capit, victorious lauria and francesco laglia. – private photos | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4cyrus cricket, friends and rape charge: minute reconstruction per minute – lookthe shock tale – to report the minutes of the twenty-year-old university student is the daily press.

Amanda was listened to by the temple pausing pm on September 5, 2019. and remembered: “Silvia after the night when she was raped in the cyro cricket house sent me some selfies taken in front of a mirror. Cyro grillo, one of the four friends spys on everyone: “I was sleeping” – read | foto | videofive days later – amanda defines it “fragile but suggestive”. And adds: “It’s a sunny and good family girl, very kind and polite with everyone, I’ve never seen her fight with anyone.

Stop me too!” – lookthe photos – but what had to say? Amanda clearly remembers having seen images of the friend: “They were not photos of the house, but of her. But roberta answered her that she didn’t care and she went back to sleep.”

Silvia’s mother also reported this circumstance (look,) while roberta (in which respects magistrates hypothesize abuses committed by cricket, lauria and capitta) explained that she had not understood immediately what had happened to her friend. I was just back from abroad and told me that I filed a complaint about violence. We commented on the attitude of roberta that night.