Damian of maneskin is engaged with solemn giorgia! photos and videos

Damian of maneskin is engaged with solemn giorgia! photos and videos

“After almost four years, can you say, no?”, writes the frontman of the band winner of the last festival of sanremo by posting on social media the first photo of couple. Fans and admirers (also waited)… put your heart in peace! Damian of the maneskin is engaged: fans and admirers, even wait, put your heart in peace.

His sweet half is called sunny giorgia: 25 years, profession model and influencer. Discover who his girlfriend is – private photos | private videothe maneskin triumph at the festival of sanremo! “Poso, amo, monster c***o on instagram and amatrician mangio”, writes giorgia soleri in his ironic bio on instagram, “in while I write poetry and I make feminist buzz”.

She is the young protagonist of the last spot of the moored beer. After the storm returns the serene… and the kiss – look“KET ME if I am FELICE” – on social giorgia tells about his work and his problems. During the lockdown he had written a post on the health of his mother: “Unfortunately, I was in napoli and I couldn’t afford 1 month of hotels.

And if I went back to Milan, I’d be alone because I live 30 km from the city. I found out I wasn’t alone, but women with this pathology are so many. We are sick and deserve understanding and respect.” now the revelation of the already long history of love with the 22-year-old Damian.

“Call me if I’m happy,” he writes giorgia in one of his last posts. “In your place we would all be happy.”speaks noemi: “I tell you how (and why) I am slimmed… with my husband always at my side” – lookToday ©Reserved PRODUCTION