Dany Boon and Laurence Arné unite, new common project

How Dany Boon he lived the containment ? Not bad for a hypochondriac ! “Very surprisingly, I was less panicked, less freaked out, I would have been able to think being,” said the actor and director, 53-year-old during an interview broadcast on RTL, during the morning of Yves Calvi Friday, may 15, 2020. “What’s funny, is that I am a hypochondriac, but when I saw the anguish of my children, I said to myself I don’t have the right to be, because I need to reassure them”, told the father of five children. It is at the head of a large tribe composed of Medhi, 22 years old, born from his relationship with actress Sophie Hermelin, Noah, 20 years old, that he had with Judith Godrèche, of Eytan, nearly 15 years, d’elia, age 13 and Sarah, 10 years old, all three born of his marriage to Yael Harris.

In this exclusive interview granted to RTL, Dany Boon has also revealed work on a new film in partnership with actress Laurence Arné. All two know each other very well since they have toured together in Radin ! or The Ch’tite Family. The confinement gave them ideas ! “As I am confined, with Laurence Arné, we began to say, hey, why it fails to write on the subject, and then here. It is in the process of writing a story that tells the life of a building confined. Shops on the ground floor, to the good rooms. The idea is to turn by the end of the year,” said Dany Boon.

The actor and director also took the opportunity to talk about another film, The palm of which the filming would have to begin next August, but which has had to be postponed due to the current situation. “I was supposed to go into preparation and turn in the month of August for my next film, but it has been shifted to stories of insurance”, he commented. The palm is interested in “a village that is in the white zone, which is desperately trying to install the 5G in their common to be able to have access to the Twenty-first century.”