Dany boon et laurence arné : “pots, foods, barbecues”., rare confidences on their daily life

Dany boon et laurence arné :

The film follows the stories of the neighbors of a Parisian building confined in the full coronavirus pandemic. Dany boon also relatted how they had lived their own containment with her beautiful. I wanted to do either a building or a pharmacy or a lab on the ground floor, a bistro next door.

Dany boon then wrote his film with the help of his arne laurence companion, 39 years old, based on what they lived in their confined daily life. “I was at home with laurence and children, and we started meeting the neighbors, making pots, food, barbecues. Rare confidences about his life as a couple with laurence, the one that has made his heart beat discreetly since he separated from his wife Yaël in 2018 after fifteen years of marriage.

A union that had given birth to three children: eytan (born in 2005), elia (born in 2006) and sarah (born in 2010). Dany boon being also the father of mehdi (born in 1997 of his relationship with hermelin sophie) as well as drowned (born in 1999 of his previous marriage with judith godrèche). It’s not the first time that dany boon and laurence arné work together, the duo having collaborated on the movies the ch’tite family and radin!