Dark (Netflix) : Andreas Pietschmann as a couple, that is his wife Jasmine ?

On June 27, 2020 was a significant date for fans of the series Dark. Netflix unveiled the season 3 the last weekend, the last one scheduled to the latest news. Subscribers relish, therefore, the new adventures of Jonah, Martha and the other characters in this series German complex, but exciting. Andreas Pietschmann is part of the casting and does not leave fans indifferent. But we are sorry to announce that it is… as a couple.

The actor of 51 years, who embodies Jonas older is not a heart to take. For several years, he shared the life of the actress and singer of German-iranian Jasmin Tabatabai (53 years). The brunette lived in Tehran until the iranian revolution in 1979. Her mom and she came to settle in Germany at that time. After completing her studies, she has studied drama at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart. Very quickly, she has held roles in primary or secondary in more than forty films in the cinema. In parallel, she had projects on tv and she co-founded the band Even Cowgirls get the Blues as singer and songwriter. She released a first album in 2002 and founded his own label shortly after.

Andreas Pietschmann and Jasmin have had two children together (one born in 2013 and one in 2009, according to photo agency available on the Internet). The actress and singer Jasmin Tabatabai has also had a child of his earlier union with the american musician Tico Zamora (Angelina Sherri Rose,was born on December 3, 2002).

Very discreet about their relationship, Andreas Pietschmann has shared very little photos with her dear and tender, on Instagram. The date of October 13, 2018 and the second in may 2018, on the occasion of a football match. She is just as modest on his behalf, although she has shared a few more shots of the couple.