David astonishes, speaks Franciscan florets after the doctor’s condemnation

David astonishes, speaks Franciscan florets after the doctor's condemnation

The doctor, former director of the careggi sports medical center, sentenced to a year of imprisonment and to more than a million euros of damages for hit murder. The first words of the former companion of the Florentine captainHe saw astonishers (special), for justice he was shot. Professor Galanti gave the agonistic suit to the Florentine footballer despite having emerged, in the trials of effort, cardiac arrhythmias.

Arrhythmias that would suggest that the ECG holter24 and the magnetic heart resonance are available. Thanks to those tests, a timely diagnosis could have been reached, which would have saved davide. He saw astonishers, the engulfing truth about his death: “You could have saved…” – lookI hope other lives are saved – The prosecution had asked for a year and a half of imprisonment.

I hope that this sentence will serve in the future to save a human life, even one”. Kick under choc for the death of davide astori – looke.m.Today ©Reserved PRODUCTION