David Douillet : Tendres confidences on her encounter with Vanessa, “the love of her life”

David Douillet : Tendres confidences on her encounter with Vanessa,

Since 2014, david Douillet has been experiencing a jobless happiness with Vanessa Carrara, a hypnotherapist he met while she was a municipal councillor in the city of Bourg-en-Bresse. When they first met, the two turtles were far from seeking love… but they had to face the obvious. “We met not far from here, it was at a political meeting, recalled the young woman in the 50′ Inside program.

David was the guest of this day. At the time, David Douillet was not single. Vanessa Carrara either.

“We had done a lot of things, a whole lot of events, and it would close with a big meal, continued the judoka. I’m coming, I didn’t expect it at all, everything was fine, and I see it, I say, “Wow.” Things happen, she’s making a picture with me, I’m not even talking to her, nothing.

I was far from imagined that I could flash like that on someone and tell me “It’s her”, without there’s only one sound of swinging between us.” It must be believed that this little voice, which resonated in him when he took the pose with Vanessa, was right! On August 19, 2017, she said “yes” to David Douillet at the town hall of Certines in the Ain.

Shortly before, the lovers welcomed a little girl named Blanche – after a year of love only. David Douillet is therefore at the head of a pretty recomposed family: Vanessa Carrara was already a mother of Romane, 12 years old and Agatha, 9 years old. As for the athlete, he had been married twice and had three children, Jeremiah – became a professional basketball player -, Myriam and Matteo.

“I get along well with my first two women, they’re smart and great, and they’re the mothers of my children,” he concluded. But they know I’ve met the love of my life.