David Mora (Scènes de ménages) : bare-Chested with his sweetheart on vacation

He left his classroom, his house in the countryside and his beloved fan of diy for enjoy, the time of a few weeks of rest, a well deserved vacation away from Scenes of households. David Mora has posted photos of his escapade on Instagram.

The handsome actor, 38, who embodies Fabien, companion of Emma in the series of M6, took the direction of the sun with his lover, the actress Davina Vigné. He posted a selfie of him, bare-chested and wide smile to his lips, taking the pose with his beautiful edge of a swimming pool. “#lesvacancesdesdadas”, he commented in the caption, making a pun reference to their first names. On his side, Davina Vigné has posted a first bunch of photos while they were a stop on a motorway service area to eat a piece. A meal poor in an environment which is not idyllic as it has itself remarked with humor and hindsight. “#cafet #lesdadasontdsortie #jsuisavecmondate #jluivendsdureve #fly #cannellonisansgout”, she wrote on her account. Fortunately, a few hours later the couple arrived at their holiday destinations, and we could this time find a pretty picture of love, under the sun.

For a long time, David Mora had kept secret the identity of the woman who makes his heart beat, but, since last year, he no longer hesitate to display his company on the social networks. The actor, whereas in the Escape project to W9, expects to benefit to the maximum of his vacation before returning to the plateau of Scenes of households for new episodes were eagerly awaited by the fans.