Dead at 32 years old rapper Jordan Groggs of the Injury Reserve

Stepa J. Groggs, a rapper of the rap band Injury Reserve, is dead, as confirmed by the band on their social. The group of the Phoenix, in fact, shared a status in which in addition to photos of the rapper, whose real name is Jordan Groggs: “Rest in power (Rest in power) Jordan Alexander Groggs, a loving father, life partner and friend.” The group has also started a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help the family of the rapper: “The heart of Groogs has touched everyone he has met. Will live in the memory of his family, his fans, and the community of which he was a part – it reads in the description of the fundraiser -. Jordan Alexander Groggs leaves his wife Anna and his four children, Joey, Jayden, Toph, and Ari”.

The birth of the band

Groggs was 32 years old and for now has not been made as yet known the cause of his death. Groggs met Nathaniel Ritchie, what would become the other member of Injury Reserve in 2012, encountering him in a store run by the mother of Ritchie. And Groggs, according to what was reported in american newspapers, was almost a father art for Ritchie, who at that time was not a teenager. The two decided to try the road of the rap and made him looking for a producer who could complete the trio rap: the choice fell on Parker Corey, who was an integral part of the band, becoming one of the top bands of the local scene and the rap underground.

The history of the Injury Reserve

The Injury began to publish a series of Mixtapes and Ep made it so that were more and more space, putting himself in light, up to the signing with Loma Vista, where they have published their first album eponymous. The band became a central point of the local community, in view of the scarce presence of the genus on-site and began to cause the formation of a fan base, playing around with even at the indie and punk. The latest releases are a trio of single out a few month ago: ““Hoodwinked” “Waste Management” and “Rock N Roll”.